IBA Families

IBA Families - RUEDA (Madrid, Spain – 14 years old)

Academic, Athletic and Arts High School Programs - Familia Rueda

IBA Families - RUEDA (Madrid, Spain – 14 years old)

We found IBA Consulting through a basketball showcase in Spain and it opened up new possibilities through sports / academic scholarships in excellent schools. They presented us with scholarship offers in several high-level schools in different states, and we only had to choose the one that best suited us. Igor and his team helped us during the process and with the paperwork.

Academic, Athletic and Arts High School Programs - Valentina

IBA Families - NAVARRO LAG (Murcia, Spain – 15 years old)

We have accidentaly came across Igor and IBA Consultinga-a. He was guiding us and helped us  find the best school for our daughter Valentina. It is important that children have the opportunity to study and play the sport they love at the same time. In Spain, currently that is impossible. American education system is much more practical, it stimultaes team work. Moreover, classes are taught in English, therefore whoever  is not very proficient at it, they can improve it.

IBA Families

What more can you ask for?! In the beginning, we were afraid whether Valentina will have hard time adjusting, if she was going to do good, yet she was so far away… However, afterwards  we were extremely happy. Andrews Osborne Academy, school that our  daughter attended is like a  dream; all of the buildings and basketball court is movie alike. What I was the happiest about  is the way they take care of them, however  they give them  space and freedom. I recommend this school and IBA Consulting from my heart.  Igor is an amazing, honest professional, and the school is great too.

IBA Families - BOTAS (Oviedo, Spain – 13 years old)

As soon as we met Igor in person, all our doubts disappeared. The tranquility with which we are living Miki’s school year abroad cannot be paid with money. Miki is growing both academically and sportingly. It is a dream come true.

IBA Families - BACHILLER (Madrid, Spain – 16 years old)

We did not imagine that from Spain we could unify, at one time, what we wanted, education, with what our son wanted, basketball.

We received offers for 10 private high schools in the USA, from Washington to Hawaii, with dorms on campus or with host family, of all prices, and we were surprised to see that it was much more affordable than we thought.

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IBA Families - HUERTAS (Spain – 15 years old)

As a 15-year-old teenager, he has had some difficulties to learn rules and customs, which are different from Spanish ones, and to get use to relationship with teachers and peers, but he appreciates the experience as very positive.

In basketball, sport that practices, he is also learning different ways of working but he is assuming them normally.

IBA Families - RADOVIC (Podgorica, Crna Gora – 17 years old)

Igor’s individual approach to children, his commitment to each situation, his great experience and personal contacts in numerous educational institutions in USA, contributed to Vera’s stay at the American school being very successful and unforgettable. This unique experience will make much easier her decision on whether to continue education in the United States or elsewhere.

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