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Academic, Athletic and Arts High School Programs
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We offer boarding school with educational programs from the United States
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We are very proud that our candidates come from more than 10 countries
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Academic and Athletic Scholarships in the USA. IBA can help you!

Iba Consulting is an educational consulting company formed by professional advisers in the fields of science, sports and art. For many years, our team has contributed to the sports, academic and artistic development of children from more than ten countries around the world.


We help talented athletes and artists, but especially the excellent students find suitable scholarships in the United States, Canada and Europe, enroll in well-known schools, and enter appropriate universities. We collaborate exclusively with approved educational and sports institutions that have earned their reputation thanks to the most up-to-date study approach. In the majority, it is about the schools with a tradition of more than 100 years.
Our economic-legal team ensures that the entire reception procedure of each student is in accordance with the law and the application processing rules of each institution.


We make a strict selection of candidates and provide them with full and personalized support for application to the program and adaptation to the new environment. We insist on an individual approach, expert guidance and trust. Our model proved to be the most reliable for children, parents and the whole family.


All members of the IBA Consulting team are experts with extensive professional experience and references from the country and abroad. They are trained to work on the academic and professional development of children, and most have gained experience in the US. UU as teachers, coaches or athletic directors.


  • Complete our questionnaire

  • Initial zoom meeting with our office

  • We introduce you withan offer of 3-7 schools on the basis of your answers from the questionnaire

  • Assistance in collecting admission documentation

  • Assistance with application process

  • Assistance with scholarship application

  • Assistance with the process of obtaining visa

  • Assistance in student adaptation

We have prepared Q&A for all possible questions and concerns about the process and selection of the school, as well as preparations for departure.

AIRC Certified

AIRC promotes ethical, standards-based international recruitment strategies. Members of AIRC are distinguished in the field of international recruitment, and both academics and agencies are invested in the integrity, standards, and quality that AIRC represents.

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Miguel Botas (Oviedo, Spain, 13 years old) – Brandon Hall School – Atlanta - Georgia

As soon as we met Igor in person, all our doubts disappeared.
The tranquility with which we are living Miki’s school year abroad cannot be paid with money. Miki is growing both academically and sportingly. It is a dream come true.

Javier Bachiller (Madrid, Spain- 16 years old)

We  could not believe that in one program you can  unify both academics (what we as parents put emphasis on) and athletics (what our son puts emphasis on). We have  received 10 different offers from private high schools in  the USA- from the state ofWashington all the way to Hawaii. We have been provided  with different options, whether we wanted to send our son to a homestay program or a boarding program. Also, we were surprised to learn that the prices of this experience are way less than what we thought it was.

FAMILIA RUEDA (Madrid, Spain, 14 years old)

We found IBA Consulting through a basketball showcase in Spain and it opened up new possibilities through sports / academic scholarships in excellent schools. They presented us scholarship offers in several high-level schools in different states, and we only had to choose the one that best suited us. From there, Igor and his team helped us during the process and with the paperwork.

Academic, Athletic and Arts High School Programs - Familia Rueda

Beltran Portuges Uertas (Spain – 15 years old)- Tallulah Falls School - Georgia

My experience with IBA Consulting has been great. They provided us with an opportunity to get my education in another country. Besides that, they always took care of me and looked after me. Whenever I had an issue related to anything, they would have solved it within the 24 hours. IBA team has always supported me and helped me in any way possible.

Academic and Athletic Scholarships in the USA - Beltran

VALENTINA NAVARRO LAG (Murcia, Spain – 15 years old)

It is important that children have the opportunity to learn and train a sport they like. In Spain, this is impossible now.
At first, we were afraid if she will adapt, if everything will go well, and of course, it is so far. But later on we were very happy.
The best thing is how they care about them and help them feel better, keep an eye on students without overwhelming them or leaving them alone.

Academic, Athletic and Arts High School Programs - Valentina

Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Joshua Clark, Director of External Relations

I know Igor since 2015. I have worked with a couple of his students, help them enroll to our school, and have been on one of the education fairs that he organizes. I was a director of admissions team in Hawaii Preparatory Academy for 12 years, and now I have transitioned into the director of external communications position. Through years of knowing Igor and his work, I have came to the conclusion that he works hard for the families of his students before and after they go to a USA school. He is also familiar with the academic side and he helps communicating  that  to the families  that way the families know what to expect and so they can  understand  the differences between their home country’s schooling system and what is expecting them in the USA. His business approach is very professional.

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