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Who are we and what we do?


IBA is a consulting agency founded by experts in the fields of science, sports, and tarts. We provide assistance to talented athletes and artsy pupils, moreover academically strong, to find appropriate scholarships for high schools, colleges, and universities in the USA, Canada, and Europe. We help our clients by providing professional assistance and directing them to appropriate business opportunities after or during their studies (summer internships or courses within the field that the IBA client studies).


We are proud to be a part of the American International Recruitment Council. AIRC promotes the highest standards of international recruitment strategies..


All members of the IBA Consulting team are experts with big professional experience and references from Serbia and abroad. They are equipped with tools for academic and professional child’s development; moreover, the majority of them have gained experience in the USA and Western Europe in coaching, professor, or athletic directors positions.


IBA educational experts are working to prepare future scholarship recipients for education at US educational institutions. Preparations necessarily involve advising and introducing students to American educational programs that are specific in that they combine the academic section, sports, and the arts.

IBA economic and legal team is in charge that the complete procedure for the preparation of documents gets carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and rules of the schools. The so-called ‘Admission process’ involves several stages and is fastest accomplished with the expert guidance of parents and candidates.

The next section is created to help you and your child gain knowledge on the U.S. boarding school system


Boarding schools are a specific type of private high schools, intended for students generally of ages 14-18. Boarding schools can also be referred to as College Preparatory Schools due to the fact that they remind of a university campus. These schools are prestigious schools primarily designed to prepare students for higher education in the USA as well as in Europe.

There are three types of boarding schools: “single-gender” (solely for boys and solely for girls) or “Co-ed Boarding High Schools” (both boys and girls). Another type of boarding schools is “Junior Boarding Schools” intended for students generally of ages 9-12.

Where are the schools located?

We work with around 80 boarding schools located on the East coast, West coast and Mid-East; even in Hawaii.

How do Weekends in Boarding Schools Look?

Every weekend, schools offer activities such as visits to big cities nearby, trips to national parks, going to the cinema, theater, shopping malls, to NBA games, skiing, paintball, etc.

Each school has a bus that transports students to all extracurricular activities that take place off-campus. In addition, all school sports and cultural events take place on campus.

How campus and school premises (dorms, gyms, outdoor courts, etc.) are secured?

The whole campus is under video surveillance. Furthermore, there is campus police that drives around the campus and makes sure everything is okay. Every person that wants to enter the school premises has to show identification at the school entrance/gate.

What is the difference between F1 and J1 visa?

F1 is the only legitimate student visa in the USA that enables students to attend school for multiple years.

How long does the visa application process take and when does the visa expire?

The process takes about 2 weeks. The visa is valid for 2 years for Balkan countries, and for 5 years for Spanish citizens.

Who can qualify for scholarships or FA aid for high schools?

Every teen between the ages of 13 and 18.

What is the highest scholarship percentage that applicants receive? It depends on the candidate profile and several factors: which grade they apply for, which sports or other extracurricular activities they are involved with, their English language proficiency levels, their GPA grade point average from school, etc

Does every US high school require uniforms or have a specific dress code in place?

It depends on the school, but generally every school has a specific dress code policy, some less formal.

When does the school year begin?

Schools generally open in the second half of August. In some cases, a candidate is required to arrive a few days early, especially if he/she is traveling to the United States for the first time and / or attending a so-called “New Student Orientation”, a program that serves to adapt to the new environment and better prepare for teaching.

How does high school sports work?

Sport programs is an integral part of each high school. It is important to understand that high school is not a sports club, and in this regard it varies a lot in certain segments (length of season, different game rules, practice hours).

However, some schools have more intensive programs for certain sports (i.e. basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, ice hockey).

Would parents apply for their child’s visa themselves?

No. Our office assists in the complete application procedure and is at your disposal for any concerns.

What are the costs related to visa?

The application fee is $160, and F1 SEVIS fee is $350 (onetime fee).

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